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5 Must Visit Restaurants around the world for travelers

Restaurants not only have to upkeep the quality of their food, but
also the decor and overall ambiance that invaluably add to the customer
experience when they dine in. Some establishments focus on the details
of every decorative piece, the music, the lighting, and the cutlery,
while others have strong themes or concepts that may be interesting or
controversial enough to build a following. Here are 5 must-visit
restaurants for travelers who step foot in these cities.
The Clinic, Singapore


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Discover The Clinic in Singapore: "Would you like your sangria in an IV bag, ... and the servers in medical whites, the restaurant stays true to its Hospital theme.
Discover The Clinic in Singapore: “Would you like your sangria in an IV bag, … and the servers in medical whites, the restaurant stays true to its Hospital theme.

Do you reminisce the time when you were in hospital so much so that
you’d like to relive the experience? You can do so in Singapore! The
Clinic is a one-of-a-kind hospital-themed restaurant (just the furniture
and design, rest assured they don’t serve hospital food. But if that’s
up your alley perhaps they can acquiesce). Dining in a wheelchair with
surgical ward lights shining on you may douse your appetite, though!

’s Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany
’s Baggers is the world’s first restaurant to feature fully automated
ordering and table service. Gone are the days of the waiter! In the
waiter’s place, each table has been connected by metal rails to the
kitchen, thereby making service crew redundant. Dishes like “organic
beef in buttermilk” and “sausage en croute” glide along the rails to
customers, propelled by gravity. A pretty brilliant concept, especially
for someone inexperienced in the business of dining.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei
A generation of toilet-themed restaurants seems to have arrived since
this Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei. In the beginning, they mainly
sold ice cream — a big pile of chocolate ice cream resembling
you-kn0w-what sold in containers that shaped like a squat toilet. Now,
there’s more variety and better service. Try for yourself if this
toilet-themed restaurant will induce your appetite!


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The Supperclub, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore
The supper club has comfy beds, an upstairs level, cool purple, red lights, and performers! ‘Nuff said.

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